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World War II Roster

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Source of roster: 201st CIC Detachment M-1 Lingayen Gulf 9 Jan - 30 June 1945

Captain Victor I. Cook (C.O.)
2nd Lt Laweence A. Rubin
1st Lt George S. Guysi
1st Lt Kenneth L. Swanson
2nd Lt Tranquilion E. Vergara

TSgt Arthur J. Zinsmaster
TSgt John J. McQuillan
TSgt Walter Wagner
TSgt Willis J. Clemons
TSgt Walter Wagner

SSgt Edward J. McGrath
SSgt Mark E. Santos
SSgt Carl R. Thien
SSgt Larry Quillop
SSgt Edward G. Bloss
SSgt Cleddie A. Palmer
SSgt Merlin H. Davis

Sgt Paul R. Malbuisson
Sgt Charles T. Mayfield
Sgt Isabelo N. Navalta
Sgt Elliot R. Fowle, Jr.
Sgt Pat C. Perez
Sgt Louis G. Koury
Sgt Roy C. Allmond

Cpl Gilbert O. Dans
Cpl Gene N. Jalili
Cpl Gordon A. Rust
Cpl Albert A. Jewett
Cpl Robert W. Mathis
Cpl James V. McCabe
Cpl Mariano C. Tabios

Pfc Paul G. DeMesa
Pvt Arcadio Neverida
Pvt Monty Orden
Pvt William T. Roddy
Pvt Sofronia F. Dugenia
Pvt Pedro M. Almodovar

DETACHED (From other CIC Detachments)
Cpl Andy M. Pramilla
SSgt Samuel S. Cannon
SSgt Charles D. Goff
Cpl Frank P. Ryan

FILIPINOS (Hired to work for CIC)
Fred Velo
Ramey ?
Pepe ?